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The Ohio Investment Group was developed by Priyanshu (Pri) Adathakkar. Pri is a licensed commercial real estate agent in Ohio with Red One Realty. Pri found that while many people had a tremendous interest in becoming real estate investors. they lacked experience.
He realized that the main issue was their lack of knowledge about the commercial real estate industry. When investigating barriers faced by new investors Pri also realized that even active investors lacked the basic knowledge or the tools to effectively leverage their dollars to maximize profits.

Investors had heard of concepts such as CAP rates, cash-on-cash, and 1031 exchanges but they really did not understand them. They especially were not aware of the constantly-shifting landscape of regulations and laws – and the underlying alteration due to the current economic situation.

All this motivated Pri to develop a support structure for new investors. Because of his long experience in real estate investing, he committed himself to the process of helping to educate and counsel those who are new to it. He can advise any potential investor of which projects might be appropriate for them.

Budget Conscious

We believe everyone should be able to invest without breaking the bank. Let us help you find investments that fit within your budget.
Pri’s philosophy on providing counsel on investments is simple:
“I approach every investment project as if I am investing my money and not just ‘telling the investors what to do with theirs. If I will not put my hard-earned dollars in a particular investment, why would I advise somebody else to invest their dollars?”

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