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Why Choose Us?

Learn, Collaborate & Grow
Perfect RealEstate Developments was developed by Priyanshu (Pri) Adathakkar. Pri is a licensed commercial real estate agent in Ohio with Red One Realty. Pri found that while many people had a tremendous interest in becoming real estate investors. they lacked experience.
Pri recognized that the main issue was their lack of knowledge about the commercial real estate industry. When investigating barriers faced by new investors Pri also realized that even active investors lacked the basic knowledge or the tools to effectively leverage their dollars to maximize profits.

Investors have hear terms such as CAP rates, cash-on-cash, and 1031 exchanges but they really did not understand them. They especially were not aware of the constantly-shifting landscape of regulations and laws – and the underlying alteration due to the current economic situation.

All this motivated Pri to develop a support structure for new investors. Because of his long experience in real estate investing, he committed himself to the process of helping to educate and counsel those who are new to it. He can advise any potential investor of which projects might be appropriate for them.
We Are Budget Conscious
Many investment “opportunities “require a massive change in the lifestyle of the investor. They also ask the potential investor to make value judgments about risk. That’s something that we believe is OUR job. Once we get to know a potential investor and come to understand their particular circumstances, our focus is on what they want to do AND what they are prepared and able to do in regard to the level of their investment.

We believe everyone should be able to invest without breaking the bank. Let us help you find investments that fit within your budget.

Pri’s philosophy on providing counsel on investments is simple:
“I approach every investment project as if I am investing my money and not just ‘telling the investors what to do with theirs. If I will not put my hard-earned dollars in a particular investment, why would I advise somebody else to invest their dollars?”

Our Process is ALSO Simple

There are seven stages of Real Estate Development In each stage, the developer achieves certain tasks by spending money, using unique talents and skills, and in the process taking risks to increase the value of the property.

In each stage, the developer must answer the following questions:
Can I do what’s got to be done?
Do I have the necessary skills, resources, time, and team support?
Can I take the risk of failure?
Can I create real value?

As your Development Project Managers, what are our daily responsibilities?

As you real estate your Development Project Managers, we are used to constant chaos. We find facing new situations and challenges on a daily basis thrilling.

Daily responsibilities include:

Visiting land plots and properties
Balancing the books
Meeting with workers, contractors and investors
Responding to press outlets and local organizations
Scheduling and time management
Ensure that buildings and properties are up to code
Researching new projects

What are the steps involved in a development project?

Step 1: Select a location

We do the research on your desired area to develop and the real estate niche you want to fit into. Do you want to focus on residential projects or commercial? Does the market present any great opportunities right now for you as investors? Will you be partnering with others in a market you’re less familiar with? Selecting a location is about committing to a niche, market and strategy as much as it is about finding a good deal.

Step 2: Build a trustworthy team for you.

As your Development Project Managers, we will be working with and relying on a lot of different people. From other developers to real estate agents to lawyers to architects to plumbers to day workers.

Step 3: Arrange financing

Unless you have capital saved up, you’ll also need to find a partner investor to fund your desired project. We can help by meeting with them, expressing your needs and showing them the return they’ll be making by joining your project. If you prefer to take out a commercial loan, we can help you with that too.

Step 4: Make a timeline

It’s no secret that real estate projects historically struggle to meet deadlines. Holding every person involved to a hard deadline, all the while budgeting in some wiggle room behind the scenes is a smart way to make sure the job gets done on time.

Interested In Investing In Ohio?

Don’t go it alone our development support services are tailored for new as well as active investors

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