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Commercial Real Estate Acquisition Strategies

We believe in planning careful to alleviate risk and maximize your return on investment.  Once you have a site in mind, it is critical to look at all aspects of the potential deal BEFORE entering into negotiations to acquire it.  We can guide you through all the ins and outs of acquiring a site, based on the level of risk and amount of investment you want to make. Your first responsibility is to determine what level of risk and investment you want to make.

One of the underlying issues is the need to have the right key players to guide you through the transaction.  That’s where our experience and knowledge will help you take a hard look at all the risks and rewards and provide you with whatever you need to ensure a high probability for success.


The Process

When we get involved with a site we focus on certain aspects of the potential project.  Everything is tailored to your level of interest and capability.  These include the condition of a property, its location, and the structure of any lease terms for a variety of tenants. These and other items must be carefully analyzed to set the stage for the overall success of a property as an investment. 

Whether you’re doing ground up redevelopment route, looking to buy the land for future uses, or seeking an opportunity with an existing building, you need to carefully evaluate all aspects of the prospective acquisition. We will help you select the right key players to guide you through the transaction. This may include financial analyst, legal counsel, developer, and financial partners - equity and debt (lender).    

Top-Level Investments

A top-level property investment which is in a desirable area that will not require an excessive amount of improvements to generate strong income is the safest form of investment.  Careful research can produce a property of this type. One that has an excellent location, involves minimal risk and has the potential for a steady, predictable return.


Older Less Attractive Properties

The next level of opportunity is with properties involving a modest amount of risk, while also providing a moderate return. Their location could also be as good as a top-level property but might be not as easy to get completed and turn into a high cash generation investment immediately.

Higher Opportunity and Risk Properties

These types of properties usually require a significant amount of redevelopment and usually come a higher level of risk – and cost.  Investors who choose opportunistic properties are focused on the bigger picture and understand that substantial renovations may be required.

Once we have a clear idea of the scope of the project, we can provide help in everything from the physical process of acquisition to financing and more.  That includes finding investors or other financing and managing as much or as little of this as needed.

We will always look to make sure that your opportunity for success – especially financially – is maximized.

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