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Property Lease Up

Property Lease Up is a term that is associated with the development of multifamily properties, primarily apartments.  Lease-up refers to the period of time and process of moving ahead to shorten the length of time from the announcement of a new property to the point at which it's achieved full occupancy.

For multifamily properties this a critical element in generating cash flow after development and construction expenses  This process is critically important for this type of project.  The efforts at this time will have lasting effect on the development over its entire lifespan.  As a new offering, people who want to become dents are willing to pay market rate or more, which means that this premium return will be in place for at least a year after the community officially opens.


Perfect RealEstate Developments will structure a program that will work to your benefit during this critical time we use Our knowledge and expertise to help clients successfully navigate their own lease-ups. Our goal is to help you get through all the necessary tasks that need to be done before and after you open your new apartment community's doors to ensure long-term success.

For clients interested in redeveloping properties for apartment, it is critical to understand how lease ups work and have a clear and solid process for getting their apartment community off to a rousing start.

We structure complete plans for clients that are built around proven techniques and tools that we have developed for Ohio properties.  These have the highest potential to achieve full leasing with the greatest potential profit and most cost-efficient result.


We believe that your efforts need to begin ASAP!  Once you have finalized acquiring the property, it’s important to get going as fast as possible.  We will have met with and discussed all the elements of the lease up AND for the future as well. 

Phase 1 – NOW

Identity - We can help you create the IDENTITY of your community for signage, internet marketing and more

1. EASY to Spell – Some people don’t understand that complicated names can get misspelled and that can mean a MISSED OPPORTUNITY

2. EASY to Remember

3. Makes a good internet “Domain name” and can be easily supported

Phase 2 – ASAP

Prep and Materials

Internet, Photos/Pictures and a logo - We can help you find professionals – photographers, graphic artists, and internet developers to help you develop the mandatory things you need, from pictures to your GBP – Google Business Profile – which needs to be registered with Google so your website can be easily found - and more.

Phase 3 – 6 months before official opening

PR, Networking and Setting the Stage

Online, In-person, events – and more – we can help with these all well

Phase 4 – Opening

On-property event, Signage, Giveaways, etc.

Following the plan will make this fun as well as impressive

The key to lease Up is to work with us to get all these tasks done AND get as close to 100% leasing as possible as soon as possible, ideally the vast majority of space should be leased BEFORE the “Grand Opening.”

Interested In Investing In Ohio?

Don’t go it alone our development support services are tailored for new as well as active investors

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