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Post Development Property Sales

The process of selling commercial real estate can be a complex and lengthy process.  It would seem that the process for buying and selling commercial real estate would work the same way but every transaction can have complexities. 

IF you have worked with us throughout the process of acquiring and developing a property, you will have been part of the process of working with us in the process of developing a complete business plan and marketing strategy.

Once you have successfully developed a property, your decisions on sales will be based on our assessment and advice of the type or property and we will have discussed and determined just what has to be done to sell off all or part of it. 


Key Factors to Be Considered

Industry-specific considerations
State, county, and local laws
Local customs
Market trends, including lending market trends
The purchaser's intended use of the property
Whether the transaction involves one site or multiple sites
Method of financing
Sophistication of the parties involved
Timing of the closing

We have specific services to offer

1.Existing Business Plan and Marketing Strategy - If we have worked with you on the development of the property, these will already include ways and means for the sales effort to proceed. We will also have taken the time to pre-identify potential buyers.

2.We know the market - Because our group is composed of commercial realtors, we have access to all the information sources for potential buyers. In many cases, we will have direct contacts with people or groups who may actually in the market for the property – or portions of it – that you would want to sell.

3.Marketing Capability - We sell commercial real estate on a continuing basis as part of our day-to-day work. Developing and implementing a tailored plan to realize the maximum return on the sale of your assets is part of our job.

4.Advertising and Online Support - Our digital and offline capabilities are specifically tailored to investors/buyers who are interested in the Ohio market.

5.Dedication to Client Success - Your success is the key to OUR success. When you profit from the projects on which we have worked with you, we benefit both in terms of direct income and also bolster our credibility to more work with you and your circle of contacts as well as providing proof of the attractiveness of working with us to new prospects.

To reiterate, the familiarity we have with not only the market area but also the players who are already invested in Ohio projects as well as those who would be interested in developing projects and assets in our state.

Working with Perfect RealEstate Developments means that every aspect of the commercial real estate market in our area is a win-win for you and us.  When you benefit, so do we.  That means that we are here to help in any and every way – with information, knowledge, experience and expertise.

Interested In Investing In Ohio?

Don’t go it alone our development support services are tailored for new as well as active investors

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