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Investor Processes

Because the Perfect RealEstate Developments is composed of full service commercial real estate professionals with years of experience and expertise, we can help you maximize the effectiveness of your Ohio commercial real estate investments.


Our Mission: Learn, Collaborate and Grow…

What Types of Investments Do We Offer?

Depending on the property and deal we may choose to just advise and consult or actually buy, renovate, sell, or finance properties.  We sometimes buy out a property and sell units to investors while taking responsibility for the administration and maintenance of the property.

These investment opportunities can range from existing stabilized investments to ground-up projects.  If they are interested in a stabilized investment opportunity, we will as advisors and help our clients every step of the way from identifying the property to closing and beyond.

Our group leader, Priyanshu (Pri) Adathakkar, is a very experienced commercial real estate agent with Red One Realty in Columbus, Ohio.  He has the capability of being a mentor and advisor to both real estate investment veterans and willing newcomers who require more support.

Direct Investment

We offer high-potential real estate investment opportunities to accredited investors*, particularly those new to real estate.

*According to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) an accredited investor is an individual or a business entity that is allowed to trade securities that may not be registered with financial authorities. They are entitled to this privileged access by satisfying at least one requirement regarding their income, net worth, asset size, governance status, or professional experience.

* We can also work with investors who are NOT accredited but are investing in properties individually or coming together with other family members or friends to pool their resources .

We help them understand the risk/reward involved – the ratio of potential profit for every dollar risked and the profit target – in high-potential investments. including successfully finding and/or executing projects, including of what needs to be done to qualify for funding.

High-Potential Real Estate Investments
What do we mean by “high potential?”

Our metric isn’t based on just choosing a property because it's expensive. It must also be unique and be perceived as a superior value. Buyers today have access to a great deal of information; they look for more than just a certain size space.

Perfect RealEstate Developments is built to support investors who want well-positioned Ohio property locations that meet a wide range of needs everything from transportation access via major roads and airports to lifestyle activities such as shopping, dining, and the arts, as well as being close to similar properties.

Our investors are a dynamic and diverse group of partners who like to focus most of their investments in real estate. The common thread that runs through our clients is their desire to create and maintain wealth.  If you choose to participate in our offerings you will have a wide range of opportunities.  It’s virtually certain that we will be able to help find some that will be in sync with your desire, capabilities and budget.

Interested In Investing In Ohio?

Don’t go it alone our development support services are tailored for new as well as active investors

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