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Lisa Campbell

Property Management Specialist/ Investor Consultant

Love Where you Live

30 years dedicated as a Managing Real Estate Broker



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Lisa has nearing 30 years dedicated as a Managing Real Estate Broker, also running Escrow and Property Management Divisions for her clients. Her property management division was launched as her investor clients could not find acceptable management and begged her to take on their projects… this moved into a full fledged management unit in Illinois, preparing to expand throughout the US.

Her basis focuses on one must “Love Where you Live”… and she supports her investor clients in creating that environment while profiting.

Her strengths lie in Investor Relations, including consulting and forming investment partnerships, as well as, exploring off market deals which can capitalize highly for those involved. She understands investor needs and requirements intrinsically as she owns a just under 300 hundred units (rapidly seeking to expand and add more) and represents clients owning hundreds more.

Her education includes degrees in Marketing and Advertising, Communications, Broadcast Production Management and Managing Real Estate Brokerage, primarily from CU Boulder.

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