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Construction Management

Construction Management requires knowledge of and experience with a wide variety of tasks and considerations.  From start to finish, our experience can make all the difference – By finding and working with the most responsive and cost-effective vendors, tracking and maintaining the budget, and assembling, managing and collaborating with resources of all kinds. 

We can provide a compete team of specialists who the depth of knowledge to develop  and stay on top of all the activities needed to make a project successful.  Our process is based on years of learning what the key elements of that process are and how to make them work.


Our Process

Planning and MORE!

We work with you to reviews all the nuances of your project and develop a rational and manageable strategy.  That begins by having a strong but flexible process.

1. We develop a detailed and strategic plan.

That plan is the most important aspect of successful construction project management. It forms the basis for all the aspects of the project and forms the basis for success.

Having this blueprint allows us to plug in the right resources including the most important assets - people – to achieve the optimum results.  The plan breaks down all the phases of the project and tracks with budgetary management as well.

2. Communication

Everybody needs to know what’s going on with the project at all times.  All the online tools and reporting via portals can’t be depended on to assure success.  Active discussion, understanding and mutually agreed-upon decisions need to be on a personal basis.

Nothing can replace active reporting and day-to-day review of shared information – accurate reporting is a huge component of getting things done – the right way.

3. Hands-on Involvement and Monitoring

We don’t just hand over a plan, we are intimately involved in assuring that the project stays on time and budget and that steady progress is being made.  Our experience is that nothing happens as it should unless it is being continuously supervised.

Diligence and constant review are key parts to staying on the timetable and also making sure that nothing is forgotten or overlooked.  What is not monitored has the possibility of not being done correctly. 

4. Making Adjustments

Once construction starts, there can be any number of circumstances that require adjustments in order to make sure everything progresses . These adjustments made all the while achieving all of the intermediate phases, will lead to hitting all the objectives, including financial one.   

Knowing that adjustments are going to be needed does NOT detract from the process.  One must be  aware that things can change and have the flexibility to make changes while still trying to stay with base process and plan accordingly - as much as possible – is just a part of the road to success.

5. Collaboration

Perfect RealEstate Developments is a group that has as its core principle the concept of collaboration.  We are all working toward a common goal and all have contributions to make, so our method is to work in a very collaborative way. 

We are colleagues, not just investors or developers nor are we “finance people” or construction professionals. Our success, as a group, needs to be based on being on the same page.  Because we communicate well, you will always know what’s going on with your projects. 

Active and timely agreement makes for greater profit and less stress.

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