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Their Claim to Higher Net Worth Ohio offers thousands of investment properties both big and bite-size. Let us help you find the one that's perfect for you - contact us and stake your claim today!
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We Help Investors Stake Their Claim to Higher Net Worth

Ohio offers investment properties both big and bite-size. Let us help you find the one that's perfect for you contact us and stake your claim today!
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Perfect Real Estate Developments

We are a group of highly experienced of licensed commercial real estate realtors specializing in building and site revitalization.

As professionals, we provide a complete set of services for investors who want to take advantage of real estate opportunities in Ohio markets -- AND who want cost-conscious advice that will allow them to make the most prudent investments at optimal rates.

We help you develop a broader presence and enhanced deal values through our coverage of the primary, secondary and tertiary market areas.

We focus on sites in Ohio cities that have a lower cost of entry. And can provide a higher rent-to-value opportunity.


Expand your search and check out one of these trending investment properties
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Multifamily
  • Hospitality
  • Land
  • Office
Perfect RealEstate Developments wide-ranging coverage in primary, secondary and tertiary Ohio markets allows investors to expand their presence to increase opportunities and deal value.
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Helping You Create Value & Take Control Of Your Commercial Real Estate

Our Development Management team serves investors throughout the entire search/acquisition/construction cycle by providing proactive advice and counsel. Our goal is to provide our knowledge and experience so clients can make better decisions throughout the lifecycle of any commercial real estate project or investment.

Business plan and strategy development
Meeting with you to find out your goals and financial situation
Advising on investment opportunities
Identifying income-producing properties for investment as well as evaluating the development potential of underutilized buildings and vacant land.
Managing the cycle of property acquisition, development, leasing, and asset management. Depending on the situation, investors can rely on the Ohio Investment Group to create value through some or all phases of a project.
Providing construction and renovation management if necessary.
For qualified investors, Investors creates limited partnerships, joint ventures, and syndications.
Finding property manager if desired
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What We Do

Our Services:


Completed Projects
Our process begins with meeting with you to find out your goals and financial situation. Once we clearly understand your situation. Time frames and objectives as far as return, we can focus on providing the best advice and continuing counsel
Scout land for projects
Renovate existing buildings
Manage construction details
Negotiate deals
Obtain permits
Attend public hearings to get public approvals
Oversee projects from start to finish
Create and execute real estate projects

We don’t just pick out potential properties, we actively provide advice on the details of each investment opportunity.  That begins with an overview for each project – pluses and minuses – including time frames and work with you to develop a complete business plan and strategy for the entire life of the project.

When we Identify income-producing properties for investment we also evaluate the complete possibilities including the development potential of underutilized buildings and vacant land in each parcel as well as the area around it.

Investors can rely on Perfect RealEstate Developments to create value through some or all phases of a project. We are well acquainted with savvy investors who have the expertise and desire to handle many portions of a deal.

Depending on your situation, we can take on many of the components of a project, including hands-on management of the whole cycle from property acquisition through development and leasing.

In other cases, again depending on the capabilities and capabilities of an investor, including the contacts for specific details – such as providing construction and renovation management, if necessary, even to the level of finding a general contractor during redevelopment or a property manager when the project is ready for full operation.

For qualified investors, Perfect RealEstate Developments can completely create entities for the various phases of one or more projects – such as limited partnerships, joint ventures, and syndications.

Whatever your needs or wants, we have the experience and expertise to make your investments work. You can depend on our joint experience and long familiarity with all the Ohio market areas and opportunities.

Plus, we will scrupulously provide the best advice on the financial needs your project or projects might need.

Learn, Collaborate & Grow

Learn, Collaborate & Grow:

Perfect RealEstate Developments works with both experienced investors as well as those who see the potential of development projects in real estate but need counsel and guidance in finding their way through the process.


If you're a Commercial Real Estate Investment development newbie, relax. We'll help you get into your first investment in no time and with less hassle.


Not your first time around the block when it comes to investing? Get the tools to find the right investment at the right price.


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What We Build

Featured Project:


Completed Projects
exteriorSkyline Terraces
Merion Village Columbus
Skyline Terraces opens in Merion Village, Columbus. Making a Statement in Central Ohio.

Merion Village is a diverse historic neighborhood located just south of German Village along High Street. First settled by Nathaniel Merion in 1809, the area was built into the industrial hotbed of a growing city.

Merion Village offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents rent their homes. In Merion Village, there are a lot of bars and parks. Many young professionals live in Merion Village.

Many of the residents of Merion Village have roots that go back three and four generations, and the neighborhood contains houses built mostly around the turn of the century.
Skyline Terraces Luxury Townhomes feature -
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 ½ Baths
  • 2 Car Garage
  • Gourmet Kitchen
  • Open Floor Plan
  • 3 Private Terraces
  • 3,000 SF units
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WHY Choose Us?

The Ohio Investment Group was developed by Priyanshu (Pri) Adathakkar. Pri is a licensed commercial real estate agent in Ohio with Red One Realty. Pri found that while many people had a tremendous interest in becoming real estate investors. they lacked experience.
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Commercial Real Estate Agent/ Investment Advisor/Developer, Priyanshu Adathakkar

Priyanshu is an industrious, exceptionally gifted Commercial Real Estate Agent in the Ohio market with 40 years of business experience and is the CEO of Perfect RealEstate Investments, LLC (PRI).
His primary focus is being of service to all investors, clients, partners with the highest level of integrity. His view of any deal is based on getting down to the details.
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Meet The Team

Interested In Investing In Ohio?

Don’t go it alone our development support services are tailored for new as well as active investors

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