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Depending on the property and deal we may choose to buy, renovate, sell, or finance properties. We sometimes buyout a property and sell units to investors while taking responsibility for the administration and maintenance of the property.

Why Work With Us?

We offer an attractive investment options because of our business model that allows us to offer multi-dimensional return potential.

Invest Ohio

Our groups seeks to take advantage of a multitude of real estate investment opportunities by creating a portfolio of real estate investments.

We invest in multi-family properties, student housing, commercial buildings, or commercial units.

If you are a high-net-worth-investor looking to invest directly in real estate but not assume full property management responsibilities.

We are your right choice. We are also a good choice for smaller investors who manage single rental properties on their own or who are into flipping houses.

Overall, one of the greatest advantages we have is the pooled capital we obtain from a multi-partnership structure or a corporate equity unit-based capital structure.


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Meet The Team

Priyanshu Adathakkar

Commercial Real Estate Investment Advisor

Loren Jacobs

Multi-family Investor

Frank Albanese

Development/ Construction Expert

Lisa Campbell

Property Management Specialist/ Investor Consultant
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